Consulting Specialties

The CTI offers several courses designed for accounting and financial consulting professionals to gain necessary education to provide additional consulting services to their clients.
The Transaction Advisory Services (TAS) Workshop is a newly-developed course designed to help consulting practices and CPA firms grow revenues and differentiate their service offering.  This training enhances the value they bring to their clients to help them grow, optimize, and protect their company’s value, to position them for a successful exit.  This workshop explores the changing M&A regulations and shifts the emphasis of previous M&A training programs from transaction-centric to shareholder value-centric where the M&A transaction is a “means to an end” rather than the “end” itself.  
The Advanced Mergers and Acquisitions Workshop is designed to provide consultants with an in-depth view of advanced topics in middle market mergers and acquisitions through a combination of class presentations, attendee discussions, and case studies.
The CTI partners with the Exit Planning Institute™ (EPI), which sponsors the five-day Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) Credentialing Program and leads to the CEPA certification designed to help professional advisors learn more about the EPI Value Accerlation Methodolgy™.

The Build a Thriving Business Consulting Practice—The CoreValue® Bootcamp is designed to assist consultants help businesses get stronger and add more value.

The Four Pillars of Healthcare Valuation is a distant education  program consisting of ten four-hour course modules covering basic valuation tenets, competitive forces in healthcare, an overview of the regulatory environment, technological advancements in the industry, changes in reimbursement, development of a commercial reasonableness opinion, inpatient and outpatient enterprises, valuing intangible assets and tangible personal property, and the classification and valuation of healthcare services.

Consulting Specialties Course Information and Registration: